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Novus Leaf was founded by Danica Williams as a way to help people and businesses grow and thrive, using a strength-based approach. The mission of Novus Leaf is to help people and organizations become the best versions of themselves. We strive to do this through increased awareness, education and focus, while helping you discover, reach for, and attain your highest goals. We would love to come along side you or your organization to partner with you in achieving your personal and/or professional goals.


Novus Leaf has a history of client success and a 5-star rating. We believe this is due in large part to the personal touch and genuine compassion that we offer each and every client, as well as the personal commitment we have to seeing people and businesses succeed. We offer the highest level of professionalism to all of our clients, whether they are an individual seeking to improve personal areas of their lives, or a corporation looking to reduce turnover and increase profitability.


Individual, Couples/Family & Group Counseling

It is our vision to come along side individuals and families that are seeking to restore balance in their lives, and find healing in their relationships. We work 1:1 with individuals, couples, families, and groups to offer meaningful and motivational counseling services, drawing from an eclectic therapeutic approach, tailored to the unique needs of the individual, couple or group. These services are offered exclusively online; provided to you in the comfort of your own home, office, or even car!

* As an Licensed Associate Counselor, Danica receives clinical supervision from an approved Clinical Supervisor. Her work is logged, monitored, discussed and reviewed.

Executive/Corporate Coaching

Partnering with established organizations for highly motivational business and leadership coaching. Inspiring employees to reach target goals, while allowing management teams to function more effectively. When done from the top-level, changes the way the organization operates, improving retention and maximizing profitability

Professional/Career Coaching

Partnering with professionals for highly motivational career coaching. Helping clients to gain clarity in direction and purpose to achieve their educational, professional and long-term career goals from a value-based perspective

Personal/Life Coaching

Partnering with individuals for deeply meaningful and individualized coaching on a variety of personal life issues. Helping clients to achieve their unique goals and maximize their greatest potential, while discovering deep meaning and purpose in their daily lives

Christian Coaching

A professional relationship focused on empowering individuals or groups to effect change, create new awareness, move into action and step into abundant Christian life in business, in personal areas, and/or within the church organization

Entrepreneur/Business Coaching

Partnering with clients desiring to launch their dream businesses, focusing on every area necessary to launch a successful business including research and development, writing a business plan, budgeting, brand development and marketing analytics, execution and launch strategies, as well as the timing and hiring of management and key staff. Walking clients through from inception to launch; working with both brick and mortar and web/home-based businesses

How We Help You

Remote Video Sessions!

We offer private and convenient video sessions using a secure HIPAA-compliant platform. This unique virtual service helps us better serve our clients living in remote areas, those with limited access to transportation, and busy professional clients with tight schedules looking to reduce commuting times. All you need is a comfortable private space, a good internet connection, and a smart phone, tablet, laptop or personal computer!

1:1 Support/Partnership

Feeling stuck? Allow us to come alongside you with the 1:1 personal support, guidance, and encouragement that will help you more quickly reach your individual, professional or business goals. Clients explore target areas where they are seeking to make deep and lasting growth or change in order to experience a more abundant life.


Counseling and coaching can begin with declaring a powerful future. Let us help you realize your personal, professional, and business goals and achieve the success you desire. Gain clarity and find the accountability that you need to see your goals through to completion and success.


Learn why Novus Leaf has a 5 star rating!

Michele S.Employee Relations Specialist, Tucson Medical Center - Tucson, AZ

Danica’s knowledge and expertise were invaluable in helping us achieve our organizational goals. She was able to foster trusting and supportive relationships with our employees and leaders and was instrumental in making our life and management coaching program a successful and highly sought after resource.

Jeremy M.Healthcare Clinical Manager, Ambulatory Services -Tucson, AZ

I was hesitant at first but after the first couple of sessions, I found my time with Danica very helpful. I knew that I had things I needed to work in my personal and professional life but the most helpful part was realizing that I was also doing some healthy things for myself already. I found that confirmation to be a relief. Thanks Danica!

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