Joy H.Senior Employee Relations Specialist, Tucson Medical Center - Tucson, AZ

Danica was instrumental in launching our leadership and life coaching program. We took our vision for the program to her and she was able to build it from the ground up. Danica met with new leaders and provided coaching on management style, goal setting, teambuilding, work/life balance and any other challenges they were facing. She also provided life coaching to our night shift nursing staff. She was able to quickly build strong connections with individuals which led to a trusting and supportive coaching relationship. We are very grateful for her assistance in implementing our program.

Michele S.Employee Relations Specialist, Tucson Medical Center - Tucson, AZ

Danica’s knowledge and expertise were invaluable in helping us achieve our organizational goals. She was able to foster trusting and supportive relationships with our employees and leaders and was instrumental in making our life and management coaching program a successful and highly sought after resource. She is a professional and an asset to any team.

Peter G.Healthcare Manager - Tucson, AZ

Danica gave me a safe place to talk about my feelings. She gave me a place that I could talk about my fears. She also gave me the tools to help be a better leader by understanding how to reduce stress.

Jeremy M.Healthcare Manager - Tucson, AZ

I was hesitant at first but after the first couple of sessions, I found my time with Danica very helpful. I knew that I had things I needed to work in my personal and professional life but the most helpful part was realizing that I was also doing some healthy things for myself already. I found that confirmation to be a relief. Thanks Danica!

David S., MDOB/Gyn - Seattle, WA

Danica is simply one of the best ... compassionate, warm and intelligent!

Xavier W.Director, Non Profit - Scottsdale, AZ

Danica is a leader in her field and an absolute professional! I would recommend her services with no questions asked.

Unique S.Musician - Prescott, AZ

Danica is a very wise person and very schooled in the things you need advice for...hope you can communicate with it!!!

Candice S.Faith-Based Leader - Tucson, AZ

Danica has such a unique perspective on life and all of its treasure! She can easily guide you through any situation all while teaching you more about yourself and who you can become! Perspective and kindness with love and truth.

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